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Levens Hall

The Stuart Garden

Just like Tudor gardens, Stuart gardens were built to impress. Following the French and Dutch garden design trends, gardens in England during the Stuart period became even larger and more impressive. History of the Stuart Gardens Up until the Glorious…

Bamburgh Castle

Exploring Northumberland in 3 days

Northumberland, England’s furthest North-East and perhaps the most underrated county. For many industrial areas, mining and ship building would come to mind first but Northumberland has so much more to offer and is full of hidden gems. From the Northumberland…

Claydon House Saloon

A Rococo gem: Claydon House

  We visited a really special country house the other day. The house itself doesn't look anything special on the outside, it looks quite unimportant to be honest. A Georgian house with huge sash windows, that's all. However, inside this…

Folly Broadway Tower Cotswolds

The history of the folly

  Anywhere you go, you can bump into follies in England. Some of the finest follies are to be found in great landscape gardens, but you can come across some on a simple country walk as well. Lat's have a…


The Tudor Garden

  I must admit, I couldn't choose which era's of garden design I like the most. All of them have a special ambience and they all can grab my imagination. The Tudor garden is no exception. Let's have a look…


Gatehouses of Windsor Great Park

  There are a bunch of pink buildings in all shapes and sizes in Windsor Great Park that everybody is aware of, yet nobody seems to take any notice of them. It annoyed me that I didn’t know anything about…

English Cottage

The downside of old English cottages

  I have been thinking whether I should or should not write this blogpost as I fear that I would be 'banned from this country' if I did. :) But some well established bloggers say writing posts that you never…


4 beautiful gardens in the Cotswolds

  Of course there are more than 4 beautiful gardens in the Cotswolds, in fact, the Cotswolds is full of wonderful gardens. However, in this post I am going to take you to four of them. 1) Sezincote – a…


Why are the buildings of the Cotswolds so unique?

  The Cotswolds are one of if not the most popular regions in England. No wonder, as its yellow limestone cottages, manor houses and churches blend in with the landscape perfectly creating a unique and romantic ambience. But why are…

Shrewsbury The Quarry

The Victorian Garden

  English gardens are beautiful and every era has its own garden style, so there are medieval, Tudor, Georgian, Victorian, Arts and Crafts gardens as well as gardens between the two World Wars and Post-War gardens. I intend to write…

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