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The Boat Race

  Rowing is certainly one of the most British sports. I must admit, rowing always reminds me of the intro of the Persuaders (a 1970s TV Series) where on one side the life of the British Brett Sinclair (starred by…


Two favourite cakes of the British – recipes

  Eating cakes is almost as important in Britain as drinking tea, more precisely having tea with cake is the best. According to a survey, most British people think everything can be solved over a nice cup of tea and…


New Year’s Eve and Day Traditions in England

  New Year's Eve is all about fun, laughter and luck, isn't it...? Then we just relax on New Year’s Day and do nothing. That was not the case for our ancestors: there were certain things they did or did…


My first Christmas in England

  Is there any difference between Christmas in Hungary and England? What is it like spending Christmas in the English countryside? What is a panto? This post explains all of my experience! My first Christmas in England I thought if…


Christmas at Windsor Castle – From Queen Victoria’s journal

  From decoration to Christmas cards, from cakes to customs, the Christmas we know today was established during Queen Victoria’s reign. Queen Victoria's journal gives an insight into how the Royal Family used to celebrate Christmas at Widnsor Castle in…


An old English Christmas custom: the mummers play

I must admit, I always thought the English have hardly any ancient, authentic customs left, so I was quite surprised when I discovered that not only have the English a nativity play (just like betlehemezés in Hungary), but they also…

An English Funneral

An English funeral

In loving memory of Richard   Death is part of life. Or it should be. When I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my Mum and then my Dad within the same year, I could not handle the situation properly and I…


Is Hallowe’en distasteful?

Intro Poirot is sitting in an art deco armchair and listening to the radio, his valet, George whose name is pronounced in French by Poirot is standing next to him. Radio: The feeling of sick dread came over me as…

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