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I aim to run the trips on lovely sunny days, but due to the unpredictable nature of the good old English weather this may not always be possible. Therefore, please always have a ‘brolli’ (umbrella) or a rain mac with you (just like proper Englishmen 🙂 ) and comfortable footwear suitable for walking in rain.

Depending on the size of the group either a comfortable, air-conditioned estate car or a minibus.

Not really. There are places on the route where we stop and take a little walk. At the main sites it is up to you how much walk you are doing as you will be given some free time to explore.

Exception is the guided Windsor walking tour.

Lunch break is normally between 12:00-13:00hrs and lasts 90 minutes.

Requirements such as gluten-free, no red meat and vegan are all very common requests and can be easily catered for in the selected. If you have an allergy or special requirements, please do let us know at the time of your booking.

You are going to have some free time to wander around at our main sites where you will be given a site map, so you won’t get lost. Besides, you are going to have your guide’s phone number and can contact me anytime.

Your tour is paid upon booking so technically all costs are covered on the tour. However, if you would like to purchase some souvenirs on the tour, please make sure you have either cash or card with you.

Lovers of travel, history and England, just like you! Trips are sold globally, so the chance of having a mix of nationalities on your tour is high.

While your health is somewhat of a personal issue, it is important your tour guide is aware of any pre-existing medical conditions that might affect your trip. This puts us in the best situation to offer advice or direction should you need medical assistance whilst on tour, or seek out help in case of emergency.

This depends on the itinerary and traffic but the longest leg of the trip is around 1 hour. We will stop at points of interest and it is always possible to stop en route for a bathroom break.

While the vehicle is always locked whilst unattended, just like your car it can be broken into, unfortunately, so it is not recommended you leave valuables in there. If you do choose to do so, you do at your own risk.

A tip is be definition your choice as a traveller and while unusual in some cultures, it is a common practice in many cultures and within the tourism world. It is always up to you. Giving a tip is an opportunity to express gratitude to your tour guide and driver for a job well done.

This information is outlined in the tour description. It is important you are familiar with the inclusions so as not to be surprised while on trip.


Hi, I'm Gizella.

I run walks in Windsor and relaxed one day trips for small groups who are looking to discover the English countryside off the beaten track.

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