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My story with Marmite and marmalade

  What triggered to write this post, was a situation when my guests were not quite sure what that brown coloured, sticky stuff packed in a heart shaped tub was, that they saw at breakfast whilst staying in an English…


Blogging or not blogging? – Blog report

  I have been thinking a lot whether to write this post, or not, but in the end I decided to go for it. Those who follow me on Instagram could see that almost 3 weeks ago I stopped posting…


My first Christmas in England

  Is there any difference between Christmas in Hungary and England? What is it like spending Christmas in the English countryside? What is a panto? This post explains all of my experience! My first Christmas in England I thought if…


10 things my blog taught me in 2 years

It is the end of the second quarter as well as the second anniversary of this blog. For this reason instead of a blog report I decided to have a look at the thing I learnt from blogging. I must…


New challenges – Blog report

Another quarter has passed… This blog report is important, not only because I wanted to give you an update about the blog, but also because I wanted to give you more insights into what has happened in the past three…


Has England’s Puzzle blog come to an end?

In Q3 I was very enthusiastic because of the promising signs and results, but in the last quarter of the year I felt I got stuck. Nothing moved forward, in fact everything slowed down. You could say that is absolutely…

Last Christmas – A trip to George Michael’s Cottage

My generation… erm… so those who still remember the 80s, probably can recall that the first foreign channels appearing in Hungary were the German SAT1, PRO7, RTL and the British Sky and Super channels. (Music Television Europe appeared a few…


Encouraging Signs – Blog Report Q3 2018

There are some encouraging signs for the first time in the blog’s history and I can feel perhaps I got to a different level which makes me feel great. A lot happened in the past three months, which I am…

Queen Elizabeth II Figurine

I Invested In The Queen

I read an article the other day about what would happen if the Queen passed away. I must admit, I was a bit upset by this article not because it was about the Queen, it would have equally upset me…

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