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Ghot Story

My First Ghost Story In England

There is something romantic, sentimental and mysterious about ghosts and ghosts stories and almost everybody likes them including myself. I never knew whether I believed in ghosts or not, but I think, our bank holiday weekend in an English medieval…


A boat trip on the rural River Thames

Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.   Said Ratty to Mole, in “The Wind In The Willows”, the classical children’s tale which is…

Blog Report

Quarter of recognitions – Blog Report Q2 2018

The second quarter of the year was full of ups and downs as well as recognitions. Recently I have been thinking about below topics a lot. 01. The blog can take over my life and it is not good I…

The Gay Hussar Caricature

My first and (probably) last lunch at the Gay Hussar

It was end of May when several news sites wrote about the closure of the legendary Hungarian restaurant in London, the Gay Hussar. We have wanted to have lunch there for nearly 2 years, but we never managed, however the…

How I threw £12 out of the window

I have never been to the US. They say everything is huge in America and shops are massive. Well, as for me, sometimes I struggle to navigate even in European and English shops. Those of you who know chronobiology will…

Blog Report Pens

The truth about Q1 2018 – Blog report

Although this blog is not meant to be about me, in some ways it is. One thing professional bloggers advise is to be honest with Readers. Therefore, I decided to look back on the first quarter of 2018 in a…

Normal For Norfolk

Norfolk! A country gentleman

Who is Desmond? You do not know him? It does not matter, I will explain who he is. Desmond is a phenomenon, (who came to the public attention in a TV documentary entitled “Normal for Norfolk”), and perhaps this is…

Snow In Maidenhead

The impact of snow on the English

This post is a little bit different than the others. The reason being, that I could not resist sharing this week’s observations. However, let me emphasize these observations and conclusions are not representative and I only wanted to represent this…

Blog Report

Who read the England’s Puzzle blog in 2017?

As we enter into 2018 I think it is time I had a look at the blogs performance in the last 6 months. (Indeed, it has been up and running for 6 months already…) I thought, results might not be…

Hinton Ampner Front Christmas

Christmas feeling with Grimm’s fairy tales

I love visiting old estates, manor houses, castles, villas, parks in England and we try to go and see one a month. Not only to see building and parks in Sherlock Holmes style, but because the English are very good…

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