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West Wycombe Sweet Shop

How England is changing

  Like everything else in the world England is too changing. This change can be felt not only by those who visited this country 20 or 30 years ago but by those too who have been living here for a…


Buying a house in England

  Buying a property in England is not easy. You could say it isn't easy to buy one in many countries and you would be right. I'm not a property expert and can only write about our experiences and in…


9 things I still can’t get used to in England

Believe it or not there are still many things I cannot get used to in England. Let's have a look at them: 1) Christmas preparations Christmas is a big business here. Alright, maybe it wasn't last year due to covid…


Britain’s music map in the ’80s

  I have been thinking for ages whether I should write this post or not. I am not sure if it is of any interest to others, but since I have always wanted to write about this, I decided to…


Frustration over blogging and social media

  In the past few months I have become exhausted and made some discoveries that astonished me and some things happened that I never in my wildest dream would have thought would happen. This post is about my inner feelings,…

English Cottage

The downside of old English cottages

  I have been thinking whether I should or should not write this blogpost as I fear that I would be 'banned from this country' if I did. :) But some well established bloggers say writing posts that you never…

Oops, I got it wrong again!

  Now that I have been photographing, blogging and vlogging for some time, I thought to share the unluckiest and funniest moments and challenges. I think the expression that would describe them best would be "Sod’s law". :) Photography Almost…

Holiday in England during COVID-19

  COVID-19 Holidays can be very different and at the same time not different at all! I guess it depends on what you are doing during the holiday and whether you allow the virus situation to spoil your holiday. One…


5 reasons to love Midsomer Murders

  My Mum loved TV series! I don’t think there was any series on earth she would not know about. Don’t get me wrong, she did not like, or watch all of them, but if there was one about to…


My story with Marmite and marmalade

  What triggered to write this post, was a situation when my guests were not quite sure what that brown coloured, sticky stuff packed in a heart shaped tub was, that they saw at breakfast whilst staying in an English…

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