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Smoked salmon with creamy spinach and egg for breakfast

Living in England has definitely changed the cooking and baking in my life, positively of course! I experience new things every day and that includes the different foods. I have become more and more interested in flavours, recipes and ingredients. Initially, with nothing really to do and lonely weekends, I started to try new dishes. As a result I am re-experiencing the joy of cooking and baking. (Must admit, have never enjoyed baking as much in my life!)

It has been some time, since I wanted to find a healthy, light and hot dish which could be an option both for breakfast or dinner. I came across this recipe, in a supermarket’s magazine for smoked salmon with creamy spinach and egg. I tried it, as soon as my budget allowed. (Not to forget the fact that smoked salmon is not exactly the cheapest thing to have, especially since the Brexit prices have gone up…) At the same time I remembered one of the most often used English saying: “A little bit of what you fancy, does you good.”

100g spinach
100g smoked salmon
1 egg
lemon juice
2 tbsp cream

Steam the spinach until it has released all its juice then put it into a greased dish. Slice the smoked salmon into thin slices and add it to the spinach. Put the egg in the middle of the dish and then add some lemon juice. Pour the cream on top of the spinach and egg, sprinkle it with pepper. Bake it in a pre-heated oven at 180C Fan for about 15-20 minutes. Easy-peasy, isn’t it? Nothing special about this dish, yet it is beautiful. Enjoy, you will love it. Hopefully as much as I do!


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