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Conwy Castle, Wales

A guide to visiting North Wales

The rugged mountains and coastline of North Wales attract many tourists and hikers, but this region has so much more to offer. I was positively surprised by North Wales where we spent four days earlier this year. We visited below…

Dove Cottage Grasmere

Visiting Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage

Most museums, heritage centres and exhibitions in England are brilliantly done and are interactive. I’ve been to many of them and loved them all. However, on my recent visit to William Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage in the Lake District, I was…

The London Season

The London Season

If you are a Downton Abbey fan, you certainly remember the London Season and Rose's Presentation at court. This post gives you more insights into what a London Season looked like. What is a London Season? The London Season was…


Cragside – the ultimate Victorian country house

Cragside is a fascinating Victorian country house built on a rocky crag in Northumberland. It’s not only famous for its fairy palace but for its grounds and gardens as well as for its modern equipments. Cragside is the creation of…

Claydon House Saloon

A Rococo gem: Claydon House

  We visited a really special country house the other day. The house itself doesn't look anything special on the outside, it looks quite unimportant to be honest. A Georgian house with huge sash windows, that's all. However, inside this…

West Wycombe Sweet Shop

How England is changing

  Like everything else in the world England is too changing. This change can be felt not only by those who visited this country 20 or 30 years ago but by those too who have been living here for a…

Bacon Butty

Podcast: The history of the sandwich and English culture

  On 6th April 2022 I talked about the history of the sandwich and the English culture on a Hungarian radio station, Klubrádió, in the programme Galaxis kalauz. The podcast is available here, however, as it's in Hungarian, I decided…


What to expect in Downton Abbey: A New Era?

  When it was announced back in 2019 that there would be a new episode of Downton Abbey, I sort of knew there would be more coming. I thought that even more so when the story was sort of left…

The English Chocolate

The English chocolate

  When I was still living in Hungary and only visited England on business trips, I always bought some chocolate. I loved Cadbury's Dairy Milk and thought it tasted so different to the chocolates I knew. Later on, when I…

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