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Tea and tea drinking in England

Now, listen and learn, son! Tea, is a herb, that has been dried out. So to bring it back to life you have to infuse it, in boiling water. That is BOILING water! Every, everywhere I have been in this…

An English Funneral

An English funeral

In loving memory of Richard   Death is part of life. Or it should be. When I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my Mum and then my Dad within the same year, I could not handle the situation properly and I…

Apple Pie

Does apple pie come from England or the US?

There is a saying in America, “as American as an apple pie” when describing something that is typically American. This implies Americans are extremely proud of their apple pies and consider it too has American origin. That’s not true, unfortunately.…

Regions of England Map

Regions of England

I have already mentioned regions like East Anglia or Cornwall a few times, but it might not be obvious which part of England they are. To help to overcome this problem, I prepared a map with MapPoint showing the regions…

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