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The Lady’s Maid

By the early Victorian era, the mistress of every wealthy household had to represent the family in a stylish way.  Her appearance at events, balls or even at home had to be immaculate. For her perfect looks, she needed help…


Wellington and the legacy

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Wellington’? As for me, I can think of 4 things: The Duke of Wellington The capital of New-Zealand Wellington boots aka the Wellies Beef Wellington Let’s see if there is…


Is everything Michelin Star these days?

When Roux at Skindles, another restaurant which is expected to win a Michelin Star, opened on the other side of the river, Bill and I sighed and asked the question: “Yet another one…?” You could ask why we reacted the…


Tea and tea drinking in England

Now, listen and learn, son! Tea, is a herb, that has been dried out. So to bring it back to life you have to infuse it, in boiling water. That is BOILING water! Every, everywhere I have been in this…

Last Christmas – A trip to George Michael’s Cottage

My generation… erm… so those who still remember the 80s, probably can recall that the first foreign channels appearing in Hungary were the German SAT1, PRO7, RTL and the British Sky and Super channels. (Music Television Europe appeared a few…


An old English Christmas custom: the mummers play

I must admit, I always thought the English have hardly any ancient, authentic customs left, so I was quite surprised when I discovered that not only have the English a nativity play (just like betlehemezés in Hungary), but they also…


Keeping a manor house clean

At the beginning of December as we approach Christmas, I realise I have to do a big cleaning in the house. In Hungary we normally have two big cleanings every year: one in spring (around or before Easter) and one…


The Chesterfield Sofa

What comes to your mind when you see a Chesterfield sofa? A billiard room, or a library in an English country house? A gentlemen’s club in London? A cosy English pub? A study full of smoke and Churchill sitting on…

The Governess And The Nursemaid

The nanny, the nursemaid and the governess

These women were slightly in a different and special position at grand houses because they looked after the family’s children which required great trust. They all had direct contact with the lord and mistress of the house and due to…

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