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Scotland Cooper

Who and what gives whisky and wine its flavour?

The quick answer is wood and the tradition of cooperage.   One would think, only the most expensive alcohol is stored in huge casks these days and everything else is stored in huge metal tanks, just like in breweries or…

Piccadilly London Cab

Piccadilly or Piccalilli

It does matter which one you mean. Both exists but are completely different things. Piccadilly You may know Piccadilly from maps, travel books or from films. It is one of London’s widest and straightest streets where such famous buildings stand…

Gas Lamp

Beautiful English Gas Lamps

Have you noticed that there are beautiful gas lamps in many cities? It does not matter if it is Paris, Copenhagen, Rome or London, street lamps contribute to the ambiance of the cities. There is something romantic about the old…

The Gay Hussar Caricature

My first and (probably) last lunch at the Gay Hussar

It was end of May when several news sites wrote about the closure of the legendary Hungarian restaurant in London, the Gay Hussar. We have wanted to have lunch there for nearly 2 years, but we never managed, however the…

Fish And Chips

How English is the Fish & Chips?

Let me set the scene (not the table!): At the end of the episode "Yellow Iris", Poirot is hungry as he did not manage to eat whilst solving the case. Now he is complaining to Captain Hastings. ‘With all this…

Have you heard about the Royal Oak Apple Day?

The Royal Oak Apple Day was an English National Holiday celebrated on 29th May in the whole country until it was abolished in 1859. (Let me say what a pity as the UK do not really have National Holidays.) First…


A British £8bn business. What is it?

The sandwich business. Awareness days are very popular these days and you would find there is an awareness day for almost every day of the year and for almost everything including, breast cancer day, chocolate day, cleaning day, doughnut day…


The secret of the Lavenham Blue

At Easter, we visited Suffolk and Norfolk, whilst we did not see everything we wanted, we did manage to see a lot. Lavenham was on our list because we both have seen it on TV several times and wanted to…

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