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Beautiful English Wallpapers

  English wallpapers are beautiful and unique. I think they contribute a lot to the classical English look of homes, stately homes and castles. Let’s have a look how these beautiful English wallpapers were born. 17th and 18th century In…


Windsor Castle was one of nine castles

  Windsor Castle is the world's largest and oldest inhabited castle and is still one of the most important country residences of the British Royal Family. Standing on a 30m high chalk cliff, the castle looks grandiose and is visited…


Thames Valley Symbols

  First of all let’s clarify what is considered as Thames Valley. It is a region centred on the River Thames, west from London. It does not really have clear borders but mainly covers areas in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.…


Remembrance Day: Everything about the poppy

After Halloween people start to wear poppies in the UK and even cars and busses are decorated with plastic flowers. Poppies are the symbol of the Remembrance Day which is held on 11th November each year to commemorate the Armistice…


Is there any logic in British vehicle registration numbers?

The British are different in many ways, why would the vehicle registration number be different? I am sure many of us have asked the question: Well, in fact there is just like British postcodes. The current British vehicle registration numbers…


20 interesting facts about the Peak District

When one of my colleagues heard we were going to spend the bank holiday weekend in the Midlands, she pulled a face and said ‘Well….’ Chatsworth House, Hardwick Hall, Peak District? What’s wrong with these?, I asked. The English associate…


All Things Windsor

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved into Frogmore Cottage and kindly ‘put Windsor on the map’ :) , let’s have a look at the name ‘Windsor’. How many things do you associate with when you hear this…


Two English garden games to play in the summer

The English summer cannot be imagined without a garden and an English country garden really should hold a picnic and outdoor games. Isn’t it a typically English scene, gentlemen playing golf or tennis on an English estate while ladies preparing…


Almshouses in England

There are many almshouses in England and you can surely find one in every second village or town. Although their architectural style is different, they can be recognised immediately and they form an important part of the English countryside. Because…


The social history of the toilet

Oh one of my favourite topics! I must admit it might appear a bit bizarre to write a blogpost about toilets, but in all honesty: why not? They are part of our lives, a very important part indeed, I would…

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