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English cheesecake

If we enter a café or a cake shop or even a pub in England, it is almost guaranteed you would find cheesecake on the menu or in the display. It is a basic cake which appeared in Hungary perhaps…

somerset chicken

Somerset chicken

I still remember how I used to watch every penny during my first 8 months in the UK. Because I had to furnish a new home, I could not afford buying anything for myself, but was terribly interested in everything…

vanilla white chocolate cupcake

Vanilla white chocolate cupcakes

I must admit, I had no idea what a cupcake was before I relocated from Hungary to the UK. I had seen one before, but did not know what it was called and obviously never tried one. We have completely…

spinach egg salmon breakfast

Smoked salmon with creamy spinach and egg for breakfast

Living in England has definitely changed the cooking and baking in my life, positively of course! I experience new things every day and that includes the different foods. I have become more and more interested in flavours, recipes and ingredients.…

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