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Apple Pie

Does apple pie come from England or the US?

There is a saying in America, “as American as an apple pie” when describing something that is typically American. This implies Americans are extremely proud of their apple pies and consider it too has American origin. That’s not true, unfortunately.…


How The Curry Got To England – With A Recipe

Maybe most of us know that curry has become the national dish of the United Kingdom. As the National Curry Week is between 10th and 16th October, I thought it is high time I had a look at the curry.…

salmon en croute

Salmon en croûte with salad

This dish is very light and summery (yes, even in spite of the pastry), but could be served in any season. It is one of my favourite dishes I learnt from Mary Berry. I can remember she cooked this dish…

lemon blueberry cake

Lemon Blueberry Cake

A friend of mine asked me a month ago whether I will cook something for Easter and post it on the blog. ‘Well, the English do not really have a special dish for Easter’, I said. This is really strange…

oat pancake

Scottish Oat pancake with raspberry sauce

Shrove Tuesday means Pancake Day. I was at high school when I first came across this funny tradition of the English and I still remember the book we read about it: Spotlight on Britain by the Oxford University Press. Shrove…

christmas dinner

The English Christmas Roast

Of course we all have seen in different films what’s on the Christmas table in England and also Mr Bean had an unlucky case with a turkey on his head when he was preparing Christmas dinner for his girlfriend. So…

full english breakfast

The Full English breakfast

Plot: Six, square shaped, tiny toasts on a plate, five with red jam on top. The jam is just sliding onto the sixth one. ’Good morning, Poirot.’ ’Bon jour, Hastings.’ ’Is that all your having?’ ’What more is there to…

roast pork with piquant salad

Roast pork with piquant salad for autumn

I think, I have already mentioned that the only connection to the world when I moved to the UK, was the TV, before the broadband was sorted out in the apartment and after 8 years of not watching the TV…


English cheesecake

If we enter a café or a cake shop or even a pub in England, it is almost guaranteed you would find cheesecake on the menu or in the display. It is a basic cake which appeared in Hungary perhaps…

somerset chicken

Somerset chicken

I still remember how I used to watch every penny during my first 8 months in the UK. Because I had to furnish a new home, I could not afford buying anything for myself, but was terribly interested in everything…

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