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Christmas Cranberry Bundt Cake

Christmas cranberry bundt cake

With Christmas approaching it’s nice to bake something really Christmas-y. This year I chose to bake something I’ve never baked before: a bundt cake. A Christmas cranberry bundt cake. For this I used a classic baking tin by Nordic Ware,…

summer berry cake

Summer Berry Cake

The blog is 6 years old this July so I though to bake a cake to celebrate this milestone and say thank you for following and reading England’s Puzzle. I wasn’t sure if I would have time to make it…

eton mess

A classic English summer dessert: Eton Mess

    Eton Mess is a classic, English summer dessert that consists of meringue, cream and strawberries. English summer is impossible to imagine without it - and without the "Wimbledon Cake". The history of the Eton Mess Allegedly Eton Mess…


Does Brown Windsor Soup exist?

  As winter arrives it feels good to have a bowl of hot soup. Approaching Christmas, I remembered a scene! Do you remember when Poirot ordered a soup on the train in the episode Poirot’s Christmas? If not, here is…

Red Berry Crumble

Red berries and rhubarb crumble with custard

  It has been ages since I wanted to make a crumble, which is a dessert that became popular during the Second World War in Britain, as it was an alternative to pies, due to shortages of ingredients that were…

A divine cake for autumn: apple and lemon cake

  As soon as autumn arrives, I feel I must bake and preferably something with apples. This time I did not want to bake and apple pie again (however I was very tempted to), so I looked around and decided…


The Custard Tart

  If there is any tart that the British regard as a classic British tart, it is the custard tart. You can get it in almost every bakery and cake shop in the UK and indeed its greatness lays in…


English Summer Cake: Wimbledon Sponge

  The English love their summer cakes with cream and fresh berries. These cakes look absolutely stunning and not only look aesthetic, but mouth watering as well. No wonder, I wanted to try to make one for a long time.…


Two favourite cakes of the British – recipes

  Eating cakes is almost as important in Britain as drinking tea, more precisely having tea with cake is the best. According to a survey, most British people think everything can be solved over a nice cup of tea and…

Cream Tea England's Puzzle

What is a cream tea?

  A Cream Tea is quintessentially British, just like one of its components, the scone. Scones are basically a lightly sweetened baked good and are a basic component of a cream tea served with clotted cream, jam and tea. I…

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