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How I threw £12 out of the window

I have never been to the US. They say everything is huge in America and shops are massive. Well, as for me, sometimes I struggle to navigate even in European and English shops.

Those of you who know chronobiology will probably smile when I say being a phlegmatic (temperament) I often find myself standing in a shop staring at clothes and trying to take everything in and find what I need. I simply get lost and are unable to scan the place.

I have not yet managed to get used to the good, old English weather (I wonder if I ever will…) and wanted to by (hosiery) tights in spring. It was not too cold anymore, therefore the 40+ denier thickness was too warm, but it was still chilly and could not wear stockings. All in all, I needed a few pairs of basic, 20 denier tights. (Wearing no tights or stockings in springtime is out of the question, I have no idea how schoolgirls survive in skirts wearing no tights…!)

So I decided to buy a few pairs as had none left and went to M&S. I though it would be fairly simple, but was shocked and sighed when I saw the section of the tights: 4 display stands full of tights. “OMG…!”, I thought. I started to look for what I needed: a simple, 20 denier pair of tights, one in nude colour and a slightly darker one. In the end I managed to find one of each colours and guessed the sizes only as every company has different sizes, plus, I always struggle to decide since I lost weight.

As I was standing there looking at the boxes, I could not believe the price: £6 each! (Just to put it into perspective, in Hungary you can have a decent quality pair of tights for £1.) Alright, it is what it is, in this case I only buy one pair of each colour. How wise I was doing that!

A few days later I wanted to wear tights with my skirt and put on the slightly darker new one. When I got to my foot, something was not quite right… It was open in the front!

What on earth is this…?

I had a closer look and the stitches implied it was open on purpose, so looked at the packaging and it said: Peep Toe Tights. “Wow! I have never seen that sort of tights!” I was genuinely surprised as this combination sort of contradicts the fashion rule which says you do not wear peep toe shoes with tights… It is not right either way: if I put on these tights and wear a peep toe shoe, why would I want my toes be naked and have a different colour…? I do not understand…

peep toe tights

After this surprise I thought to check the other pair as well. “Hm… It has a slightly lighter colour than I wanted”, I moaned. I pulled it on my arm instead of my leg to save time and energy just in case it was not right either. And it was not! This had a non-slip sole! At this point I had to laugh. Who would want to wear non-slip tights…? And what sort of shoes require non-slip tights? I could not think of anything else than high heel sandals, but again: you do not wear tights with sandals and open shoes… Ouch…

non slip tights

What I finally put on, I can not recall, but neither of the new tights, for sure. Lesson learnt: it is not enough to check the photos and images on the packaging and check the colour and sizes, you have to READ what is on the box!




So this is my annoying but funny story and how I threw £12 out of the window.


What shopping failure did You have?


PS: On top of this, both above mentioned tights were 5 denier. 😀


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