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Highclere Castle aka How I became a Downton fan

I must admit, I didn’t watch Downton Abbey when it was first on television. It has a very profound reason: it was a period in my life when I was not interested in watching television or series at all. As a result,…


The Lady’s Maid

By the early Victorian era, the mistress of every wealthy household had to represent the family in a stylish way.  Her appearance at events, balls or even at home had to be immaculate. For her perfect looks, she needed help…

Victorian and Edwardian architecture (1837-1910)

This topic is huge and just like the previous architectural styles, those were also complicated, however I shall attempt to give a brief, yet detailed enough overview of these styles. Historical background It was not only industry that went through…


The Housekeeper

When we hear the word “housekeeper”, we normally think of somebody like Mrs Doubtfire or Mrs Hughes from Downton Abbey but definitely an (older) lady doing the work around the house and running the household for a fee. That was…

Uppark kitchen

The Chef and the Cook

  The kitchen is the heart of the home.   When we visit a grand house, I am always looking forward to seeing the servants quarters and the kitchen. The Victorian and Edwardian kitchens are amazing: you can see the…

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