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The Hungarian mystery of Maidenhead

A year ago I wrote a post about Maidenhead, in which I mentioned that there was a club called ‘Hungaria River Club’ in the Bridge Gardens next to the Maidenhead bridge. I wondered then and have been wondering since why…

Piccadilly London Cab

Piccadilly or Piccalilli

It does matter which one you mean. Both exists but are completely different things. Piccadilly You may know Piccadilly from maps, travel books or from films. It is one of London’s widest and straightest streets where such famous buildings stand…

The Gay Hussar caricature

My first and (probably) last lunch at the Gay Hussar

It was end of May when several news sites wrote about the closure of the legendary Hungarian restaurant in London, the Gay Hussar. We have wanted to have lunch there for nearly 2 years, but we never managed, however the…

depeche mode ticket

Depeche Mode concert in London

I have been thinking a lot, how and what to write about the concert of one of the most iconic British Bands from the 80s, having seen them for the first time on stage. I did not want to write…

1920s London

“Let’s go to the Kit-Kat Club!”

Does this sentence ring a bell? Yes, it was Miss Poppy who used to say it with enthusiasm in the series “You rang, M’lord?”, whenever the Kit-Kat Club was the solution for their aristocratic boredom. I was interested, whether this…

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