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fish and chips

How English is the Fish & Chips?

Let me set the scene (not the table!): At the end of the episode "Yellow Iris", Poirot is hungry as he did not manage to eat whilst solving the case. Now he is complaining to Captain Hastings. ‘With all this…

christmas pudding

English Christmas 3 – Food

If we asked what the English eat at Christmas, most probably the majority of us would say turkey and Christmas pudding which would not be far from the truth. However, this is a very simplified version of the menu at…

witney buttercross

What is a buttercross?

The first time I saw a buttercross was when I watched a Poirot episode, the “Cornish Mystery” where Inspector Japp was munching a cornish pasty under (or in front of) a buttercross. The strange building in the middle of the…

burgh island

Burgh Island and Art deco

Everybody can mention a place which put a spell on him/her, which had a magical and special ambiance. There is a tiny island in South West England in Devon, which took my heart. If you read my introduction, you can…

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