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stone tiles

What did the English use for building – Part 2

Last time we had a look what materials were used in England for building houses/walls. Let’s have a look now what materials were used for roofs. Slate Slate roofs were used where slate was available, so in Scotland and Cornwall…

burgh island

Burgh Island and Art deco

Everybody can mention a place which put a spell on him/her, which had a magical and special ambiance. There is a tiny island in South West England in Devon, which took my heart. If you read my introduction, you can…

bristol corn exchange clock

Why does a clock in Bristol have 3 hands?

England is a great place because it is full of quirky, strange and interesting things and you can always find something to surprise you. To bump into something which is strange, even for the English themselves, is absurd and unbelievable.…

blickling estate norfolk

Elizabethan and Jacobean architecture 1550-1603

Elizabethan and Jacobean houses have a very unique ambience, especially grand houses. These buildings are often used for filming – whether for Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Miss Marple or Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, it does not matter. Elizabethan houses are typically…

vanilla white chocolate cupcake

Vanilla white chocolate cupcakes

I must admit, I had no idea what a cupcake was before I relocated from Hungary to the UK. I had seen one before, but did not know what it was called and obviously never tried one. We have completely…

belfast sink

Belfast or London sink?

Whose heart would not melt by the sight of the essential accessory of a country style kitchen, the deep, oblong, porcelain sink? It does not matter whether it is in a Scandinavian country style kitchen or Provance or English, you…

Dorney Court front

Tudor architecture

As I am going to represent the different architectural styles you will see that each of them could be called “The English” style which formed England’s or London’s appearance. I start the series with the Tudor architecture and I must…

Ashdown House Front View

A baroque house with a love story – Ashdown House

It was a cloudy Sunday back in May 2017 when we visited Ashdown House in Oxfordshire. The building stands in the middle of a huge estate and one of the reasons it is even more interesting is the fact that…

Regions of England Map

Regions of England

I have already mentioned regions like East Anglia or Cornwall a few times, but it might not be obvious which part of England they are. To help to overcome this problem, I prepared a map with MapPoint showing the regions…

spinach egg salmon breakfast

Smoked salmon with creamy spinach and egg for breakfast

Living in England has definitely changed the cooking and baking in my life, positively of course! I experience new things every day and that includes the different foods. I have become more and more interested in flavours, recipes and ingredients.…

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