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footman carriage

The Footman

Continuing the series about the English servants, the next one is about the Footman. I immediately think about James Twelvetrees from “You rang, M’lord?” with his bee striped vest, tail coat and shiny hair- Let’s have a look what responsibilities…

blog report

Who read the England’s Puzzle blog in 2017?

As we enter into 2018 I think it is time I had a look at the blogs performance in the last 6 months. (Indeed, it has been up and running for 6 months already…) I thought, results might not be…

hinton ampner front christmas

Christmas feeling with Grimm’s fairy tales

I love visiting old estates, manor houses, castles, villas, parks in England and we try to go and see one a month. Not only to see building and parks in Sherlock Holmes style, but because the English are very good…

christmas dinner

The English Christmas Roast

Of course we all have seen in different films what’s on the Christmas table in England and also Mr Bean had an unlucky case with a turkey on his head when he was preparing Christmas dinner for his girlfriend. So…

rocking horse

The English rocking horse

Approaching Christmas the Rocking Horse is a lovely topic, I think. Although this has already been posted before, I thought to share it again as the rocking horse is one of the typical Christmas symbols alongside, drums, mushrooms, boots, tin…

christmas pudding

English Christmas 3 – Food

If we asked what the English eat at Christmas, most probably the majority of us would say turkey and Christmas pudding which would not be far from the truth. However, this is a very simplified version of the menu at…

victorian christmas card

English Christmas 2 – Traditions

Let’s think for a while and imagine how Christmas could be like when Queen Victoria became the queen of the UK. Things that make Christmas really great such as the Christmas tree, Santa Clause, Christmas cake, Christmas turkey, did not…

full english breakfast

The Full English breakfast

Plot: Six, square shaped, tiny toasts on a plate, five with red jam on top. The jam is just sliding onto the sixth one. ’Good morning, Poirot.’ ’Bon jour, Hastings.’ ’Is that all your having?’ ’What more is there to…

English Christmas 1 – Evergreens

It is quiet out there and the sky is cloudy on Advent. This the time when I decorate the house with christmasy stuff. It has been nearly 20 years that I learnt in Germany how to make a Christmas wreath,…

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