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servants room polesden lacey

The Butler

Being a “You rang, M’lord?” fan one of my favourite topics is the lives of the servants. Mr Stoke’s character certainly wound his way into our hearts and gave us an idea what sort of responsibilities a butler used to…

Berkshire County Show

After a month in Hungary it was actually good to return to the UK. I missed it big time. What helped me to survive the difficult period in my life was that I knew I wanted to return to the…


English cheesecake

If we enter a café or a cake shop or even a pub in England, it is almost guaranteed you would find cheesecake on the menu or in the display. It is a basic cake which appeared in Hungary perhaps…

aubeterre france

About English-French relationship – A mini-trip in France

Today’s topic is an evergreen one which can be touchy sometimes and funny other times. I have been considering writing about the English-French relationship for some time. The cultural relationship of these two countries and nations is interesting. The French…

blog report englands puzzle

Blog report – July 2017

The first blog report is delayed due to family issues but I try to get back on track as soon as I can, however it is not exactly easy. I have not given up my plan to publish a monthly…

The Minack – the theatre carved in rocks

As far as I can recall, I had heard about The Minack in Penelope Keith’s Hidden villages program on the Television for the first time. When I saw it, I could not believe something like this exists in England! Luckily,…

1920s London

“Let’s go to the Kit-Kat Club!”

Does this sentence ring a bell? Yes, it was Miss Poppy who used to say it with enthusiasm in the series “You rang, M’lord?”, whenever the Kit-Kat Club was the solution for their aristocratic boredom. I was interested, whether this…

cricket sundial holyport

English Sundials

There are accessories that are essential for the English country estate and garden. If we visit the garden or park of a grand house in the English countryside, we surely will bump into urns, birdbath, fountains, statues, pavilions, mazes and…

somerset chicken

Somerset chicken

I still remember how I used to watch every penny during my first 8 months in the UK. Because I had to furnish a new home, I could not afford buying anything for myself, but was terribly interested in everything…

servants room polesden lacey

English Servants

Whenever I visit an English manor house, I can feel the history of the place and think to myself, if walls could talk, what would they tell us… I am sure they keep secrets and lot of stories… I can…

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