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English bricks

Wherever you go in England you would find houses built of bricks. Some people associate terracotta coloured bricks with the Mediterranean world, but for me, bricks mean the North: there are plenty of brick houses in the Benelux countries, in…

terracotta rooftop finial dragon

Terracotta Rooftop Finials

The first details on a house that shouted at me instantly over here in England were the terracotta rooftop finials, more exactly the gargoyle-look-like dragon figures. At first I did not have a clue what that was and thought it…

HP Sauce

What is HP sauce?

If a British person goes to a store in Budapest that sells British products, he would surely find HP sauce on the shelves and I am pretty sure, the fact it is available, would melt his heart. HP sauce is…


What did the English use for building? – Part 1

  The more places you visit in England, the more you will see how different houses are. This is not only because of the different architectural styles, but also because of the different materials used. The English architecture is very…

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