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Holiday in England during COVID-19

  COVID-19 Holidays can be very different and at the same time not different at all! I guess it depends on what you are doing during the holiday and whether you allow the virus situation to spoil your holiday. One…


5 reasons to love Midsomer Murders

  My Mum loved TV series! I don’t think there was any series on earth she would not know about. Don’t get me wrong, she did not like, or watch all of them, but if there was one about to…

Isle Of Sheppey

Isle of Sheppey – the forgotten island

  This post has proved to me that 'You cannot judge a Book by its cover!' Taking a place by its first impression can be misleading, but by opening its pages and looking inside, there are beauties to be found.…

Goring-on-Thames Lock

Locks on the Thames, murders and ghosts

  The Thames is the longest river in England with its 346km and the second longest river in the UK after the river Severn. The source of the Thames is in Gloucestershire and enters the North Sea at Southend-on-Sea. The…


When in England, do as the English Do

  As The Saying goes "When in Rome, do as the Romans Do" so this is how you could do this when you visit England! 1) Wear typically English clothing, footwear and accessories. A pair of brogues, wellington boots in…


24 reasons why you should visit the Thames Valley

  This post appeared as an English Countryside advent calendar on the blog's Facebook page and I pulled it together so that you can have it in one post (in case you missed it).  I shared photos and explained why…

Windsor Great Park explained

  Windsor Great park might be confusing at first glance and given what all is available in this magnificent park, it is not surprising. Great Park and Home Park, Frogmore House and Frogmore Cottage… Which one is which? What can…


5 things you should not miss during your England visit

  Everybody has different ideas as to what to do when visiting England. This is all fine, however, I think there are things that should not be missed during your England visit, so here is my list: 1) English cuisine…


20 interesting facts about the Peak District

When one of my colleagues heard we were going to spend the bank holiday weekend in the Midlands, she pulled a face and said ‘Well….’ Chatsworth House, Hardwick Hall, Peak District? What’s wrong with these?, I asked. The English associate…

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