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The Lady’s Maid

By the early Victorian era, the mistress of every wealthy household had to represent the family in a stylish way.  Her appearance at events, balls or even at home had to be immaculate. For her perfect looks, she needed help…


Keeping a manor house clean

At the beginning of December as we approach Christmas, I realise I have to do a big cleaning in the house. In Hungary we normally have two big cleanings every year: one in spring (around or before Easter) and one…

The Governess and the Nursemaid

The nanny, the nursemaid and the governess

These women were slightly in a different and special position at grand houses because they looked after the family’s children which required great trust. They all had direct contact with the lord and mistress of the house and due to…

servants room polesden lacey

English Servants

Whenever I visit an English manor house, I can feel the history of the place and think to myself, if walls could talk, what would they tell us… I am sure they keep secrets and lot of stories… I can…

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