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Isle of Sheppey

Isle of Sheppey – the forgotten island

  This post has proved to me that 'You cannot judge a Book by its cover!' Taking a place by its first impression can be misleading, but by opening its pages and looking inside, there are beauties to be found.…

English Front Doors

  I have said many times that England is so different. Well, even front doors are very different for somebody coming from the continent. I am sure those of you who have already visited Britain, realised it. But what types…


English Summer Cake: Wimbledon Sponge

  The English love their summer cakes with cream and fresh berries. These cakes look absolutely stunning and not only look aesthetic, but mouth watering as well. No wonder, I wanted to try to make one for a long time.…


The Henley Royal Regatta

  One of the most English events is the Henley Royal Regatta, which is held on the 27th week every year in the picturesque town of Henley-on-Thames. Just like Royal Ascot, the Henley Royal Regatta was also part of the…


My story with Marmite and marmalade

  What triggered to write this post, was a situation when my guests were not quite sure what that brown coloured, sticky stuff packed in a heart shaped tub was, that they saw at breakfast whilst staying in an English…


The Windsor Tube

  Believe it or not, in the 19th century it was possible to get from London to Windsor by tube. It would be welcome by many of us today I am sure! But let’s have a look how it was…


Everything about Royal Ascot

  When you hear Royal Ascot probably the first things come to your mind is the strange hats and the dress code. I first saw Royal Ascot in My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn on television. Although the film was…


The Hellfire Club – Orgies in the Thames Valley

  No Sex Please, We Are British is the title of a 20th century British farce and indeed the British may come across as a prudish nation. This was not the case earlier in the history. At the beginning of…

Ginger Jars – Classical English interior accessories

  Not sure about you but I am absolutely obsessed with blue and white ginger jars. Needless to say that these ginger jars are typical accessories of the English home. Whether a smaller town house or country house, you would…


Odd things in an English house

  We all know that England is a quirky place. There is the left hand traffic, the pound sterling and the funny sockets and plugs and of course the famous two taps on sinks. Perhaps tourists also notice that windows…

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