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eton mess

A classic English summer dessert: Eton Mess

    Eton Mess is a classic, English summer dessert that consists of meringue, cream and strawberries. English summer is impossible to imagine without it - and without the "Wimbledon Cake". The history of the Eton Mess Allegedly Eton Mess…

bacon butty

Podcast: The history of the sandwich and English culture

  On 6th April 2022 I talked about the history of the sandwich and the English culture on a Hungarian radio station, Klubrádió, in the programme Galaxis kalauz. The podcast is available here, however, as it's in Hungarian, I decided…

Shibden Hall

A long weekend in Yorkshire

  There's something good in every bad they say. Well, I tend to agree with that. As our bathroom renovation took longer than anticipated, it meant that we were left without a functioning bathroom over the Easter weekend. Therefore, Bill…


What to expect in Downton Abbey: A New Era?

  When it was announced back in 2019 that there would be a new episode of Downton Abbey, I sort of knew there would be more coming. I thought that even more so when the story was sort of left…

The English Chocolate

The English chocolate

  When I was still living in Hungary and only visited England on business trips, I always bought some chocolate. I loved Cadbury's Dairy Milk and thought it tasted so different to the chocolates I knew. Later on, when I…


Buying a house in England

  Buying a property in England is not easy. You could say it isn't easy to buy one in many countries and you would be right. I'm not a property expert and can only write about our experiences and in…


The English steam fair

There is something very special about English steam fairs. I'm always fascinated by the colourful rides and games, tents, vehicles and the general ambience. A few weeks ago I went to the biggest independent steam fair of the UK, Carters…


The Tudor Garden

  I must admit, I couldn't choose which era's of garden design I like the most. All of them have a special ambience and they all can grab my imagination. The Tudor garden is no exception. Let's have a look…


Female servants in the English households

Women were employed in various roles in big households and they all had different tasks. In the biggest country houses they employed a kitchen maid, a scullery maid, a stillroom maid, a housemaid and a laundry maid. Let's find out…


Exploring Norfolk

Norfolk somehow seems to be forgotten when it comes to holiday choices. Quite wrongly I shall say, as Norfolk has amazing white sandy beaches that could easily compete with Cornwall's. Besides, Norfolk has magnificent country houses, gardens and a unique…

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