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English Cottage

The downside of old English cottages

  I have been thinking whether I should or should not write this blogpost as I fear that I would be 'banned from this country' if I did. :) But some well established bloggers say writing posts that you never…


4 beautiful gardens in the Cotswolds

  Of course there are more than 4 beautiful gardens in the Cotswolds, in fact, the Cotswolds is full of wonderful gardens. However, in this post I am going to take you to four of them. 1) Sezincote – a…


The Custard Tart

  If there is any tart that the British regard as a classic British tart, it is the custard tart. You can get it in almost every bakery and cake shop in the UK and indeed its greatness lays in…


Why are the buildings of the Cotswolds so unique?

  The Cotswolds are one of if not the most popular regions in England. No wonder, as its yellow limestone cottages, manor houses and churches blend in with the landscape perfectly creating a unique and romantic ambience. But why are…

Coalpoart footed tea cup

English tea cups

  The English believe that tea tastes much better when drinking it from a teacup than a mug – NB using mugs spread from America. I must admit, first I found this statement funny, but as I had the chance…

Oops, I got it wrong again!

  Now that I have been photographing, blogging and vlogging for some time, I thought to share the unluckiest and funniest moments and challenges. I think the expression that would describe them best would be "Sod’s law". :) Photography Almost…

Shrewsbury The Quarry

The Victorian Garden

  English gardens are beautiful and every era has its own garden style, so there are medieval, Tudor, Georgian, Victorian, Arts and Crafts gardens as well as gardens between the two World Wars and Post-War gardens. I intend to write…


A Guide to Cornwall

  Just turned off onto a one lane country track with hedgerows on both sides. The road is so narrow that the hedges are scratching the car on both sides plus the slope is about 30 degrees It is a…

Holiday in England during COVID-19

  COVID-19 Holidays can be very different and at the same time not different at all! I guess it depends on what you are doing during the holiday and whether you allow the virus situation to spoil your holiday. One…


5 reasons to love Midsomer Murders

  My Mum loved TV series! I don’t think there was any series on earth she would not know about. Don’t get me wrong, she did not like, or watch all of them, but if there was one about to…

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