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9 things I still can’t get used to in England

Believe it or not there are still many things I cannot get used to in England. Let's have a look at them: 1) Christmas preparations Christmas is a big business here. Alright, maybe it wasn't last year due to covid…


The Medieval garden

  I've always loved gardens, especially English gardens. The more gardens I visit, the more I become interested, not only in the different plants and flowers I can see there, but in their history as well. I've written about the…


Boats on the Thames

  What could be better than cruising on the Thames on a warm sunny summer day? Especially on the rural Thames, although I must say, hopping on a boat and seeing London from the river is a special and unique…


How to get from London to Windsor

  At last you are in London. You love the buzzing city and enjoy the special atmosphere London is so famous for, but after a few days a though is creeping in. Wouldn’t it be nice to visit Windsor as…


Three less known English Christmas customs

  English Christmas Customs have been discussed in this post already and I believe most of the traditions and customs are known by now. However, I found three less known English Christmas Customs which I am going to present in…


Two geniuses in the Thames Valley

  There were many talented people who lived in the Thames Valley but there were two geniuses who have connections with Maidenhead: the greatest figure of the Industrial Revolution, the civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the romantic painter, Joseph…


Does Brown Windsor Soup exist?

  As winter arrives it feels good to have a bowl of hot soup. Approaching Christmas, I remembered a scene! Do you remember when Poirot ordered a soup on the train in the episode Poirot’s Christmas? If not, here is…

Red Berry Crumble

Red berries and rhubarb crumble with custard

  It has been ages since I wanted to make a crumble, which is a dessert that became popular during the Second World War in Britain, as it was an alternative to pies, due to shortages of ingredients that were…


The valet

  Do you still remember Mr Bates in Downton Abbey? Of course you do, he is the valet. But who is a valet in an English household and what are his duties? Let’s have a closer look as it is…


Gatehouses of Windsor Great Park

  There are a bunch of pink buildings in all shapes and sizes in Windsor Great Park that everybody is aware of, yet nobody seems to take any notice of them. It annoyed me that I didn’t know anything about…

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