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Roast pork with piquant salad for autumn

I think, I have already mentioned that the only connection to the world when I moved to the UK, was the TV, before the broadband was sorted out in the apartment and after 8 years of not watching the TV in Hungary, I re-explored the beauty of watching TV. Because everything was new here and I was intrigued by new ingredients and flavours (and because there was nothing else to watch during weekend mornings), I watched cooking programs to entertain myself. As a result I tried some of the recipes and spread my wings.

At first I did not like Lorraine Pascale. She is so beautiful, thin and cooks well, I thought and I switch off the TV on Saturday at 11am whenever her program was on. But then on a spring Saturday we got up late and had breakfast and the TV was on. There she was again! But this time we left her on. And in fact, I quite enjoyed watching what she cooked. I liked her style, being quick and easy, using simple and healthy ingredients (most of the times), however there are some exceptions especially in case of desserts. That was the turning point for me when I started to like her and follow her programs and even tried a few recipes by her.

It has been some time I wanted to try and put something new again on our list and then she was on TV again. LOVED this recipe, tried immediately.

INGREDIENTS (serves 2):
4 slices of pork
2-3 spring onions
2 teaspoon honey
juice of half a lemon
4-5 mint leaves
small piece of ginger
Stilton or blue cheese

I start with the salad so that I can serve the dish immediately once the pork is cooked. I put the watercress on a big plate, add the peach chunks, chopped spring onions and some cheese, not too much because it has a very strong taste and I do not want to overpower the salad. For the dressing I mix the honey, the chopped mint leaves, the grated ginger and the lemon juice. Once ready, I pour it on the salad.

Then I season the meat and tap the cumin into the meat. I heat a little olive oil in a frying pan and fry the pork chops on both sides for a few minutes. I serve it immediately.

I think, it is a beautiful combination of flavours and is somehow a good match for autumn.




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