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Windsor Castle was one of nine castles

  Windsor Castle is the world's largest and oldest inhabited castle and is still one of the most important country residences of the British Royal Family. Standing on a 30m high chalk cliff, the castle looks grandiose and is visited…


Highclere Castle aka How I became a Downton fan

I must admit, I didn’t watch Downton Abbey when it was first on television. It has a very profound reason: it was a period in my life when I was not interested in watching television or series at all. As a result,…


Stowe – The perfect landscape garden

I think, probably most of us has a picture in mind about a romantic, sometimes mysterious English landscape garden, with lakes, groves, pavilions, follies and tea houses that we once saw on television, probably in a Sherlock Holmes film. Whether…

Nuffield Place Back

Nuffield Place – A humble millionare’s home

I love visiting different places, manor houses, castles, stately homes, grand houses and I am always fascinated by the architecture, history and art. But there is something which is more important: The person(s) who lived there. It is so much…

Glamis Castle

Three beautiful (haunted) Scottish castles

The first things come to people’s minds about Scotland are probably “Nessie”, whisky, kilts and castles, which of course have their own ghosts. I did a little investigation and found that there are approximately 1200 castles in Scotland, however, a…

Sudeley Castle

A day in the Cotswolds – Sudeley Castle

I realised the other day that we have been to many places during the 2.5 years since we have been living here and as a result I have loads of photographs which I can only share step by step depending…

Normal For Norfolk

Norfolk! A country gentleman

Who is Desmond? You do not know him? It does not matter, I will explain who he is. Desmond is a phenomenon, (who came to the public attention in a TV documentary entitled “Normal for Norfolk”), and perhaps this is…

Hinton Ampner Front Christmas

Christmas feeling with Grimm’s fairy tales

I love visiting old estates, manor houses, castles, villas, parks in England and we try to go and see one a month. Not only to see building and parks in Sherlock Holmes style, but because the English are very good…

Ashdown House Front View

A baroque house with a love story – Ashdown House

It was a cloudy Sunday back in May 2017 when we visited Ashdown House in Oxfordshire. The building stands in the middle of a huge estate and one of the reasons it is even more interesting is the fact that…

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