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Levens Hall

The Stuart Garden

Just like Tudor gardens, Stuart gardens were built to impress. Following the French and Dutch garden design trends, gardens in England during the Stuart period became even larger and more impressive. History of the Stuart Gardens Up until the Glorious…

Greenway, Devon

Greenway – Agatha Christie’s holiday home in Devon

Lady Rosamund Painswick: There’s nothing like an English summer, is there? Dowager Countess: Except an English winter. (Downton Abbey) Agatha Christie loved English summers. So much that she bought Greenway, a holiday home in the 1930s, close to her hometown…

The London Season

The London Season

If you are a Downton Abbey fan, you certainly remember the London Season and Rose's Presentation at court. This post gives you more insights into what a London Season looked like. What is a London Season? The London Season was…

Holy Island, Lindisfarne Castle

Lindisfarne Castle

I was so excited to visit Lindisfarne Castle and the Holy Island, a place that has been on my list for years. Let me show you around the castle as well as the village. Getting to the Holy Island and…

Bamburgh Castle

Exploring Northumberland in 3 days

Northumberland, England’s furthest North-East and perhaps the most underrated county. For many industrial areas, mining and ship building would come to mind first but Northumberland has so much more to offer and is full of hidden gems. From the Northumberland…


Cragside – the ultimate Victorian country house

Cragside is a fascinating Victorian country house built on a rocky crag in Northumberland. It’s not only famous for its fairy palace but for its grounds and gardens as well as for its modern equipments. Cragside is the creation of…

claydon house saloon

A Rococo gem: Claydon House

  We visited a really special country house the other day. The house itself doesn't look anything special on the outside, it looks quite unimportant to be honest. A Georgian house with huge sash windows, that's all. However, inside this…

West wycombe sweet shop

How England is changing

  Like everything else in the world England is too changing. This change can be felt not only by those who visited this country 20 or 30 years ago but by those too who have been living here for a…

folly broadway tower cotswolds

The history of the folly

  Anywhere you go, you can bump into follies in England. Some of the finest follies are to be found in great landscape gardens, but you can come across some on a simple country walk as well. Lat's have a…

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